Dehydrated Onion and Garlic


The Company

Jay Sardar Food is an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality dehydrated onion and garlic products. We are connected with our business closely because we are a family-owned and managed food company. we possess a team of capable Technicians, Traders, and Shipping Personnel who have absolutely aided its pursuit of excellence. Our products are highly demanded of their features like purity, hygienically prepared, natural taste, aroma, superb quality, safe to use, and its long shelf life for realistic usability.

We always care about your brand and the ingredients that make up your brand. We strive to deliver 100% Natural and non-GMO ingredients that meet your and your customers' standards. Our approach to the business is not just commercial but also emotional and that’s how we are ever increasing our business by taking our community ahead with us as we move forward.


Production and Processing

In our state-of-the-art unit we dehydrate and manage to seal all the nutrients of the product in the shortest possible time. Thus, the product retains its taste, color and freshness. All stages of our production from sowing, harvesting, transport, processing to final rapid dehydrating of products and packaging, are supervised by specialized staff with sound scientific training. Strict quality controls are carried out at all stages of production in accordance with international quality standards to ensure the excellent quality of the final product.


Our manufacturing unit has been designed by experts to allow ergonomic operation of production, processing, and packaging. The site is into the processing of dried onion and garlic in kibble, mince, chopped, granule, and powder forms. Its operates under strict quality assurance controls at all levels of the food safety management system that allows us to provide the highest quality in compliance with global standards and customer requirements. The whole plant has involuntary machinery and equipment including washing, drying, cleaning lines include auto colour sorter utilized for principally removing heavy impurities like stones, glass, wood, etc. Then conventional manual sorting, the metal detector of Ultracorns for detecting ferrous - non-ferrous particles and its eliminating impurities and unfamiliar materials, which is a significant component influencing the quality.

For additional fulfillment of clients and ourselves, we also give assessment reports by 3rd party inspection., Pre-shipment samples shall also be provided on request. Supplies are exceptionally fast over time because of the tremendous capacity limit and disinfected In-house warehousing facility to store a sufficient finished goods at a time. Containers and other shipping vehicles are full in our manufacturing plant premises under our own management to stay away from any mistreatment of the products. Our company is a registered member of the initiative FSSAI India, MSME, APEDA, Spice Board of India which certifies the Indian company in relation to the property, production, and base of activity.

Food Safety

Safety is a top priority. Our Quality and Food Safety commitment begins with our obsession, a love for supreme taste and quality that is deep-rooted and more than three generations old. We are engaged with the farming of onions and garlic and are also involved in the production of qualitative onion seeds. With the assistance of individual farmers’ cultivation is done, in light of the colossal experience we source responsibly, the best and select quality raw materials are obtained by us. Our team of quality control experts carefully monitors all food testing procedures including Raw material quality checks, In-process controls, Hygiene, and allergen control according to our strict food safety requirements.